We create outstanding software

Divine Robot is a full-service digital software agency focused on creating outstanding user experiences. Our skilled team has a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. We deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to make complex challenges simpler and more scalable. For the CotBot games we even designed our own 3d-engine. When we take on your next project, we won't do it like the other guys. We're better. Quicker. Smarter. Bold words? We have a Divine Robot on our side. Try us.


Software design

We can design your next piece of software, wether it is a tailored mobile-app or an evolving, multi-layer software platform. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry. We also work with some of the smallest names in the industry. And a range inbetween.

UI / UX development

Our award-winning in-house team of user interface specialists and graphic designers are the bridge that makes our best-of-breed software look great and feel intuitive to use.

Game development

Divine Robot creates award-winning games under the CotBot brand. Our innovative iOS platform ”Blobster” hit a worldwide number 3-spot, and our growing line of children’s edutainment titles are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of children around the world.

Lectures and education

We believe sharing is caring, and work ceaselessly to spread and accelerate the technologies behind our software. We lecture and teach how machine learning, neural networks and applied AI can and will impact our world in the near- and long term.

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